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Kahena Beach Gozo

Special Report by Michael T, a Resident of Gozo:

Hi, I live on the Island of Gozo, one of the archipelago of Malta, just 100kms south of Sicily, Italy. Fortunately on our island, we have some remote beaches where naturism is tolerated.

In the North we have 'Ghajn Barrani' (Foreigners' Spring). This stretch of sea-level blue clay rock is situated between two of the most popular bays in Gozo, Marsalforn & Ramla il-Hamra (the Red Sand Beach). To reach Ghajn Barrani you have to pass through the Village of Xaghra (the village of the Ggantija Temples). Take the road to Marsalforn and nearly at the end you meet some 'traffic islands', you just turn right through the fields, (there is a sign of Pergola Farmhouses) at the end turn left and park your car or bike there. If you have a Jeep or motorcycle, you can go a bit further down, but this is not recommended on the first time. You can then walk down all the way to the sea through passage ways in fields and down some clay slopes. This area is best when wind is blowing from a Southerly direction. (1)

Gozo map

In the South East we have an area known as 'Zriezaq' (Slopes) or 'tal-Blata' (of the Rock, because there is a rock like Fungus Rock known as 'il-Gebla tal-Halfa') In the village of Qala, on your way down to 'Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay', you pass by a small Chapel and Cemetary, enter the second (2nd) road on your left had side just before the main road turns right overlooking the abandoned hard-stone quarry. Entering on the left, go down the Road through the fields and park in one of the last fields before the road ends. Then you have to walk through a tight passage way on the left of the road ending, turn right and proceed approaching the sea. You can either stay in 'Anchor Bay' (you will notice a large black sign with an Anchor) or continue walking on the left hand side to the saltpens and discover yourself Gozo's Paradise!! A great area for snorkelling enthusiasts. Or even the beach on the right underneath a Villa. Best when wind is coming from the North and West directions. (2)

These two beaches are among the best areas you can find for bathing in a more natural way.

You can even try a rocky area underneath Fort Chambray. This is the fortification overlooking Mgarr harbour. You can reach this area either on foot in passage ways through the fields from the car parking area in Mgarr or from Ghajnsielem village through 'ix-Xatt l-Ahmar'. Just follow the 'Ship Wrecks' diving signs from Mgarr road. Once you are down at 'ix-Xatt l-Ahmar' walk to the far left hand side underneath the Fortifications. Ideal in North wind. (3)

Or San Blas Bay in Nadur. Voted as one of the most picturesque beaches in Europe. The red sand here is identical to 'Ramla l-Hamra's which is a textile beach. On the far right hand side, there is a stretch of clay where naturism is tolerated. On this beach one can hire sun umbrellas and deckchairs. There is even a small catering establishment for some light snacks and beverages or even book a barbeque for the evening. (4)

Another place might be in Xlendi bay. Going up St Simon street on the left hand side overlooking the bay, you park your car, and proceed on foot to the old Tower area, preferably on North-Eastly wind days. This is a great place for snorkelling. The two main reefs cannot be missed. One in the middle of the bay entrance, where there is the signalling light, and the other reef at the far end underneath the tower. (5)

You can even try an area underneath the Tower of Dwejra, facing the Fungus Rock on Easterly winds. (6)

My favourite beaches are 'Ghajn Barrani' in Xaghra when southerly winds are blowing, and 'Zriezaq' in Qala during north & west winds. It is adviseable to take water and some packed lunch with you as most areas are remote.

Hope you and all others reading, find this information interesting and helpful!

A warm welcome from the island of Gozo.


Map showing Malta and Gozo
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Mgarr Ix-Xini on Gozo

gozo n

(public domain photograph)



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