Theologians Nude Beach, Antiparos, Greece


Theologians Beach, Antiparos - Official Nude Beach

Theologians beach is one of Greece's few official nudist beaches. Although only about eighty metres long, this sandy beach is normally packed with naturists. Dunes at the back of the beach provide shelter if it gets windy. Please visit Captain Barefoot's Antiparos page for more information.

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Theologians Beach, Antiparos, Greece

Theologians Naturist Beach, Antiparos, Greece

Theologians Nude Beach, Antiparos, Greece

Theologians Nude Beach, Antiparos

Theologians Nudist Beach, Antiparos, Greece

Theologians Nudist Beach, Antiparos

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  1. We traveled to Antiparos and spent a week there in the summer of 2007. You could not ask for a better place to rest and relax. There isn't anything there for "thrill-seekers" but if you like to enjoy the beach and the water in your altogether then this is a great hideaway. The restaurants weren't anything to brag too much about but they were good and Theologians Beach is probably one of the best nude beaches we've ever visited. Many of the other bathers were Scandinavian (I think) and then a pretty broad mix of people (I think we were the only Americans) and everyone was very friendly. The beach was a very relaxed nude with many couples and some families. The water was perfect and it is an easy walk or swim across the small channel to Diplo. The hotels in the main section of town are very close to the beach but we did rent a scooter anyway for the fun of it. If you go, say hello to Artemis at the Artemis Hotel. - Ginrumy (2010)

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