Mylos Nude Beach, Lefkas, Greece


Mylos Beach, Lefkas - Unofficial Nude Beach

Mylos Beach is located near Agios Nikitas village on the western coast of Lefkas island (also known as Lefkada). The southern end of this beach is the part usually frequented by naturists and this remote beach is only accessible by boat or a long walk over the hills. See the excellent report below by Greecelover for more information.

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How To Find Mylos Beach


  1. Mylos is an unofficial clothing optional beach on the island of Lefkada (Lefkas). Situated between Agios Nikitas village and Kathisma tourist resort, on the island's western coast, the beach can only be reached from the village by boat (as most tourists do), or by a path that gets on top of the hill that surmounts the village and goes down the other side. It is a 20 minutes walk, and very nice one if you avoid the hot hours between 12 and 16. When the beach gets very crowded it can be more polite to get naked only in the part of the beach where other people are already naked (usually on the south end). Anyway, almost nobody there cares about nudity, and my girlfriend and I never had to get dressed in the two mid-august weeks we spent there. - Greecelover (May 2006)

  2. To the south of Agios Nikitas village is a steep headland, and beyond it is the beautiful and isolated beach of Mylos. Access to Mylos Beach is by taxi boat in the high season, or by using a steep footpath. For this reason the beach is never busy. The only other access to the beach is by private staircase from the Mylos Bay Villas.

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