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Brighton Beach, England - Official Nudist Beach since 1980

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Brighton's Black Rock Beach was declared an official nudist beach in 1980. It is situated between the Peter Pan's Playground and Black Rock stations of the Volks Electric Railway, which runs along the eastern part of Brighton's main beach (starting near the Sea-Life Aquarium). This pebble beach is overlooked by the road above, despite attempts to encircle it with a large bank of pebbles on all sides. Please see the beach reports below and read some 2005 reviews on Free-Sun.Net.

The nudist beach is above the letter 'N' in the word BRIGHTON on this map
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Map of Roads connecting to Brighton


  1. I visited Brighton in August 2005 with my wife. We had a brilliant time. The weather was lovely and beach clean and friendly as ever. There were lots of voyeuristic males. This does not really bother me. However my wife would like to say thanks to the guy who actually stripped off in front of her and stared at her naked body for 2 hours! Funnily enough, we went over the course of five days and by day two the guys stopped looking at me. My poor wife still got all the pervs. What a pity. We'll still go next year though - This entertaining report courtesy of Free-Sun.Net

  2. OK, so there's nothing inherently wrong with a nude beach. Vancouver has one. Big deal. Ha! But Brighton's Nude Beach (the place to be) is a special beach! It's the only nude beach I've seen where people who are not actually on the beach can gawp (that's gawp, not gape) at the ... spectacle. The reason for this is that while the beach's designers (do people really design beaches?) thoughtfully made the beach hidden from view at sea-level using tasteful, evergreen bushes (no naked trees here!), there are two walking promenades raised high above sea-level from whence one can observe all, in full, glowing technicolour. I can personally testify to the technicolour. On a cold and blustery day, hearty Canadians that Stephen and I are, we bundled up until we looked like abomidable clothes people and headed out to the supermarket. While walking along one of those higher promenades, Stephen and I happened to look down and catch full sight of a man parading about. Somehow he had lost his clothing. He didn't seem overly concerned as he vigorously walked about, waving his arms about with everything (and we mean everything) blowing in the wind. We weren't quite sure what all the waving was. We were sure of one thing: bet he wouldn't be doing that in Canada in January! I saw the same (well, I can't really be sure. One naked person from several hundred feet up in the air looks the same as another) man doing his "airing the tackle" bit on another day. This day, unlike the previous one, was a beautiful day. Not outdoor tanning weather in Edmonton, granted, but clear and sunny, it was. This time he wasn't alone. No, he hadn't been joined by other arm-waggling nudists but by the well-dressed citizenry of Brighton who were engaged in taking in the fresh air and the view. All of it. - copyright (1999-2004) Michelle A. Hoyle & Stephen B. Dodd.

  3. When I paid a visit there last Summer I stayed there for barely a few minutes, and went onto the textile beach instead. The beach opened in 1980, and while I didn't visit it back then (I would have only been a toddler!), I'm sure it couldn't have been nowhere near as bad as it is now in those early years. The main textile beach on Brighton is very nice though, though obviously you won't be able to get nude! If however, you are down in Brighton then a brilliant health spa to visit is Bristol Gardens Health Spa . Can't recommend it enough, great place to relax naked, no oddball characters or dodgy behaviour going on, very clean premises, and very friendly staff. And don't be intimidated by going as a single female, you'll be absolutely fine. There's usually other females there, including some lone females too. - Eve (March 2005)

  4. First time I have ever done this one, thought it would prove to be the best in the country but very very disappointed I am sorry to say. Brighton is known for being adventurous and colourful so I was imagining body art and other skin celebrations - instead I was met by the tiniest allocated area of beach imaginable, flaky painted signs, and all of about 10 people, all guys, and only half of them naked. I will be sticking to my favourite unofficial beach-site in future. -- Steve


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Fairlight Glen, England - Unofficial Nudist Beach

The unofficial nudist beach of Fairlight Glen is about one mile east of Hastings. The path from the cliffs has recently been washed away making the route down somewhat precarious. Another way to reach this nude beach is by walking east from the main beach at Hastings. But it's certainly worth the effort to reach this magnificent beach of golden sand and scattered rocks, backed by high sandstone cliffs. More information can be found here and here. Best review is here on Free-Sun.Net.

Map of paths connecting to Hastings
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Map showing Fairlight Glen Coastline


  1. I can recommend this beach on the south coast - Fairlight Glen near Hastings (Kent) is wonderful when its warm, but difficult to find without prior knowledge. - London Joe.

  2. Further to Joes' endorsement of Fairlight. Yes it is a lovely beach when the weather is good, however it is in E.Sussex (still near Hastings) and due to soil erosion the access is precarious to say the least. No facilities at all, so you need to carry everything down with you and it is definitely not suitable for young children as the walk back up after a day on the beach is horrendous. - June (February 2006)


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Studland Beach, England - Official Nude Beach

Studland Bay is situated on the Isle of Purbeck headland, about eight miles southwest of Bournemouth. The northern part of the main beach has traditionally been used for naturism, although restrictions have been applied since the National Trust took over the local nature reserve. See below for beach reports. Read more about Studland beach here. There is also a Studland Nudists Campaign to reclaim the naturist area lost due to National Trust action.

Map showing Studland Bay area
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Map showing proximity to Bournemouth


  1. Studland beach is truly great when its warm - the best, whitest sand in the UK backed by sand dunes and trees. Very popular with many naturists, can get very busy at weekends but a great mixed crowd - families, young couples etc. - London Joe.


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