Paya Bay Nude Beach Resort, Honduras


Paya Bay Beach Resort, Honduras - Private Nude Beaches

Paya Bay Nudist Beach Resort is on the Island of Roatan which is one of the Bay Islands located off the northern shores of Honduras. The Paya Bay Website says of them: "Two pristine beaches are right down the slope from your room and the Great Mayan Barrier Reef (the second largest reef system on the planet) is a mere 100 yards away!" The smaller of these beaches is "clothes-optional for the use of our guests, very secluded and private".

Map showing Island of Roatan
Follow the Maps to Paya Bay Nude Beach!
Photograph showing Paya Bay Beach



Myrtiotissa Nude Beach
Almost there, about one mile away from Paya Bay Resort

Myrtiotissa Nudist Beach
Paya Bay Resort's Buccaneer Beach

Myrtiotissa Naturist Beach
Paya Bay Resort's Secret Cove

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  1. Paya Bay Nude Beach Resort is way more than a nude beach! But at a minimum, it's a nude beach at its best. Paya Bay Beach Resort is an exotic and stunning setting. The above photographs will give you a minimal perspective. The owners and staff are the most hospitable. If you're in Honduras and want to check out a nude beach, Paya Beach will provide you a day pass for a nominal fee. $10 US if you simply want to hang out at the beach and enjoy basic sports like kayaking and snorkeling. Even better, promise to eat or drink and they will reduce the fee to $5 US. Let's start with how we finished our day and evening. We had dinner in their outdoor dining room overlooking the water. The indoor dining is beautifully appointed, beautifully lit with tables nicely dressed. The outdoor dining had exceptional views. As for the food, a home run. The chef does a phenomenal job. First of all, unlike most tourist traps, the meal was incredibly affordable. Grilled red snapper and grouper (whole fish) for $12. Appetizers began with Conch Soup and Ceviche for $5 and $6 respectively. One of the signature cocktails was a Mojito, wonderfully concocted. Back to the beaches. There are 5 tangibly different beaches, each private and secluded, with two clothing optional settings (Secret Cove and Buccaneer Beach). See Beach Map of Resort PDF file. Hammocks and loungers provided, as well as crystal clear water for snorkeling. One of the largest coral reefs in the world is at your feet. Various parts of Roatan have their own unique offerings. The West End provides night life (restaurants, shops and bars) and West Bay is known for its beautiful beaches (loads of resorts charging a mint). Paya Bay is at the North East Coast of Roatan and is in a very remote area. As a matter of fact, prepare to drive the last 5 km (I think) on a dirt road full of potholes on your way to Paya Bay Beach Resort. Once you're at Paya Bay Beach Resort, you do not need to go anywhere else. They provide all of the amenities, including diving, Zip Line Canopy Tours, Hiking, Boat Trip to Pigeon Cay, Mangrove Canal Tour, Horseback Riding, Dolphin Interaction, and Iguana Reserve Tour. And a bonus for gay folks - gay staff on hand to accommodate your every need. - Rich M


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