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Charco del Palo, Lanzarote - Nudist Village and small beaches

Charco del Palo

The naturist village of Charco del Palo is near Mala on the northeast coast of Lanzarote. Nudity is commonplace here, except in the shops and restaurants. There are no restrictions on entering the nudist village, such as membership of a naturist organisation. In addition to a very small nudist beach on the rocky shore, there are several other areas for nude bathing with access to the sea. A large tidal swimming pool near the Restaurante Romantica is frequently used by naturists. Central to the village coastline is "Monkey Rock" - a rocky outcrop with hand rails for safer bathing. Further south along the Charco del Palo coastline is another natural tidal pool with steps cut into the rock which make ideal platforms for nude sunbathing. There are photos of all these coastal landmarks further down this page. See the reports section at the bottom of this page for directions.

Canarian Dreams offer a wide variety of accommodation here, see their Charco del Palo website. Many villas are let and managed by Castillo de Papagayo S.L. a well established company which has been prominent in Charco del Palo for 30 years. Charco Natural also have naturist bungalows here (, , ). More accommodation is listed on asba-lanzarote. Peng Travel have self-catering apartments in Las Piteras, on the outskirts of Charco del Palo. More useful information on the village can be found on

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Charco del Palo

Map showing route from Arrecife airport to Charco del Palo
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Street Map of Charco del Palo


The following photos appear in sequence as if walking from north to south:

Charco del Palo's coastline
View south, from the northern end of Charco del Palo's coastline.

Restaurante Romantica
The large tidal swimming pool - Restaurante Romantica is at the top left.

Monkey's Rock
Approach to "Monkey Rock" with many sandy places to sunbathe.

Monkey's Rock
"Monkey Rock" - note the hand rails for safer bathing.

OBONA apartments
The OBONA apartments directly face the sea near "Monkey's Rock".

Charco del Palo coastline
Naked walkers are a common sight along the Charco del Palo coastline.

Charco del Palo coastline
The tidal pool at the southern end with sandy platforms for sunbathing.

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  1. Directions: Here are some directions to get to Charco del Palo naturist village (there are no signposts!) Head north along the LZ-1 from Arrecife (via Tahiche) towards Mala and Arrieta. Turn right (off the LZ-1) at the sign for the Cactus Garden. Drive through the small village of Guatiza and go past the Cactus Garden as you exit the village. Continue for about a mile of empty road, then take the 2nd turn right by the Don Quixote pub (if you accidentally take the first right you have to take the next left to rejoin this road anyway, so don't worry). Continue along this road past some cactus fields. Eventually, as you approach the coast you will see the nudist village of Charco del Palo. If you are trying to find the village by driving south along the LZ-1 from Arrieta, take the turn off for Mala, drive through this village and take the left turn by the Don Quixote pub just before the built up area ends. If you arrive at the Cactus Gardens you've gone too far so turn round and follow the directions above! - Webmaster (September, 2007)

  2. What a pleasant surprise to find such a delightful page about Charco on the web. Can I add a couple of (very) minor points. The pool below Romantica is not really a tidal pool in the sense that your ability to swim in it is determined by whether the tide is in or out, although this is definitely the case with the other pool shown in your last image. In spite of the hardy scratch-proof people who "swim" when the water is six inches deep, swimming in this pool (sometimes called the lagoon) does depend on the tides, the times of which can be very confusing unless you have a tide table (published in the free Gazette magazine). The sea is almost at its lowest in your last image. The water in the pool below Romantica is always at a level in which you can swim because it is not open to the sea. Fresh seawater continually enters through holes in the wall (near where someone is standing in your second image) or else over the top of the wall when the sea is rough. The overflow leaves the pool over the curved wall you can see to the bottom right in your image. Apart from the Spanish people who live here, there are many Germans and not a few English, as well as a wide variety of other nationalities. Strictly speaking, because quite a few non-naturists happily live here too, it's a genuine clothes optional village rather than a strictly naturist one. People are very tolerant of each other, and another of the reasons for the steps on Monkey Rock is that it is a very popular jumping-off point for the many (non-naturist) diving schools who bring small groups to share the sea with us at this point and need to get out of the sea afterwards. - Malcolm, (August, 2007)

  3. We stumbled upon the Charco del Palo resort by accident, what can i say except I nearly passed out when I saw a man in his 50's stroll through the village with not a thing on him! The whole place appears to be nude with signs outside restaurants advising people to wear a towel when eating. - sevenlights (October 28th, 2006)

  4. I have just returned from lanzarote and Charco Del Palo is a naturist town. You will see people walking around compltely naked not only near the sea but walking down the streets and in the resturants. It is as free as you could want it to be. You should take a towel to sit on chairs etc (as is the normal ettiquette) but in general you can be naked anywhere. - naturist88 (January 10th, 2007)

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