Playa Son Bou Nude Beach, Menorca


Playa Son Bou, Menorca - Unofficial Nude Beach

Playa Son Bou
Playa Son Bou is approximately half way along Menorca's south coast near the resort of San Jamie (Sant Jaume). The main section of this very long beach is dominated by two large hotels, although there is plenty of room for nude sunbathing towards the western end of the beach. There are also sand dunes for extra privacy. The water is shallow for paddling, although the waves and currents can be strong and beware of the sharp seaweed which can leave broken spines in your feet. There are many facilities nearby and parking is easy.

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Son Bou Nude Beach

Son Bou Nudist Beach

Son Bou Naturist Beach

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  1. Son Bou Naturist beach is located about 400m to the west of the main Son Bou beach and main car park. The first natural gap in the sand dunes signifies the start of the naturist area. From this point on for the next kilometre or so, nude sunbathing is the norm. There are sunbeds and parasols available for hire (6 euros & 5 euros, 2005) in the immediate section of naturist beach. The sea is gently shelving, but the waves coming in can be very strong so some care needs to be taken with children. The beach itself is ideal for walking, something which hasn't been missed by other holidaymakers who seem to enjoy looking at all of the naked flesh! - C.N. (November, 2005)

  2. The beach is separated from the rest of the town by a nature reserve and marsh area. As you go west between the two there is an ever increasing area of dunes. Basically, once you are past the main beach area, you're in naturist country, with increasing numbers of folk peeled off. I also gather - having spoken to various folk - that in mid season only swingers would be quite happy in the dunes (but not on the beach which is quite conventional naturist). If you go there, bear in mind 3 things: 1) there is little protection from the Sun.. so take plenty of water and sun cream; 2) mind the sea holly !!! Boy is it sharp.. I stood on one bit pulled it out of my foot and got bits in my hand in doing so that I didn't get out until I got home. I also ended up helping someone else get some out of her foot. Therefore, Flip flops or similar are recommended for this beach ; 3) in high season be careful of your belongings while in the dunes. Having said all this it is nice and, although the sea is normally gentle, it can be rough there and when it is there is a strong undertow so look at the lifeguard station for the flags. Incidentally it was on this beach that I awoke to find a small lizard sun basking on my bum! - Kev


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