Playa de Es Cavallet Nude Beach, Ibiza


Playa de Es Cavallet, Ibiza - Unofficial Nude Beach

Playa de Es Cavallet
The southern end of Playa de Es Cavallet is frequently used for naturism, although this particular beach has a reputation for gay use (more than other nude beaches in Ibiza). There are sand dunes backing the beach. See below for beach reports and photos.

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Playa de Es Cavallet, Ibiza Nude Beach Photo


Playa de Es Cavallet, Ibiza Nude Beach Photos

© Ibiza nude beach photo copyright Brian C, Kent, 2005.



  1. I have just had my final film back from our recent holiday and this picture (above) of Playa Des Cavallets may be useful to you for building your website. You can just see the bar/restaurant called "Chiringay" in the distance, with the flags. This end of the beach is mainly used by the gay community. There are sunbeds and parasols for hire at both ends of the beach - all naturist. We stayed around the bar/restaurant at the carpark end, which had a superb fish menu. The cheap end of the menu was Tuna with Tomatoes, Lettuce hearts with anchovies, Anchovies in batter, or sardines, around 8 euros. at the top end of the menu was Lobster, langoustine and all types of Spanish fish dishes from anything up to 50 euros. Two sunbeds and a parasol cost 15 euros to hire for the day in June 2005, rising to 17 euros in July. However, they had full length cushions and fitted cotton sheets, which were changed daily. In the far distance, on the headland, you can see the Martello tower, "Ses Portes", which is about a two mile walk from the picture, naked all the way! - Brian C, KENT (July 2005)

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