Samurai Nude Beach, New South Wales


Samurai Beach, NSW, Australia - Legal Nudist Beach since 1970's

Samurai Beach, also known as North One Mile Beach, is in Tomaree National Park on the New South Wales coast about 60km northeast of Newcastle. Travel east along Nelson Bay Road and turn right on Gan Gan Road towards Anna Bay. Continue past several caravan parks and once you pass Middle Rock Village Park (but before you reach Samurai Beach Resort) look out for a track which leads to the nude beach. See the beach reports section for more detailed directions. This 1km long beach has been officially nudist since the 1970's and also has a nude camping area at its northern end. Many thanks to Jo Mulholland for his assistance in compiling this entry.

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  1. Samurai Beach first gained its legal status in the 1970's and this was confirmed when it was one of five in N.S.W. nominated under the NSW Local Government Amendment (Nude Bathing) Act, of 1996. It is located on the east coast of Australia in the State of New South Wales at Anna Bay and is within the boundaries of Tomaree National Park, about 50Km north of the major city of Newcastle and about 200Km north of the State Capital, Sydney. The beach itself is the northern half of a beautiful horseshoe bay, separated from One Mile Beach (the southern half) by a rocky area, known as Middle Rock. A four-wheel drive track provides vehicular access to the beach, which is one of the finest surfing beaches in the area. It is one of the finest legal nude beaches in Australia, arguably the finest. If driving north from Newcastle on the Pacific Highway, access is gained by taking the turnoff to Nelson Bay and turning off Nelson Bay Road onto Gan Gan Road at Anna Bay. Proceed on Gan Gan Road through the village of Anna Bay. A few kilometres past the village, you will see One Mile Beach Caravan Park and a couple of kilometres further you come to Middle Rock Caravan Park. Next to Middle Rock Caravan Park is Samurai Beach Resort and between these two establishments there is a small track. Due to soft sand, it is strictly suitable for 4x4 vehicles only. The track is about 1.5Km through bushland and sand dunes to the beach and the beach is about one kilometre in length. The entire length of the beach is legally available for nude bathing. At the northern end, there is a small camping area, used mainly during the summer months by nudists, especially over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. This camping area is currently under threat of closure by the National Parks authority, although we are hopeful it will still be used this summer (2005/06). A major campaign has been conducted in an attempt to retain our use of this area for camping into the future. No facilities exist and campers must be self-sufficient for all food, drinking water etc. Camping is on sand dunes and all rubbish must be removed. Fires are not permitted, so gas cooking equipment is essential. There are no fees for camping and no access fees to the beach. - Frank Maundrell, The Naked Nomad

  2. There is an interesting discussion about Samurai Beach and the nude camping area at the north end of the beach here, featuring Jo Mulholland and Frank Maundrell, former members of the now disbanded Free Beach Association of NSW.

  3. Samurai is in my opinion, one of the best beaches in Australia. Surrounded by Tomaree National Park and huge sand dunes, it has a wide flat entrance to the water so bathing is safe along the length of the beach. There is a strong rip ever present along the rocks at the northern end of the beach so be careful. Dolphins and whales are also frequently seen in the area. Nude bathers spread out from one end of the beach to the other. The northern end is popular with families and older folk. The southerly facing beach is protected from the NE summer sea breeze by the northern headland so the beach is also popular with surfers looking for a good wave. Be prepared to be raided by young surfie textiles occasionally. Camping is allowed at the northern end behind the sand dunes. Access is by foot or 4WD only. A 2Km long rough 4WD bush track runs from Gan Gan Rd (in between Middle Rock Park and Samurai Beach Resort) to the sand dunes then on to the beach. NOTE: It is important to remember to let your tyres down to about 18psi before driving your 4WD on sand otherwise you WILL get bogged and possibly cause damage to the area. Walking in is popular. Facilities: Pure nature, sand, surf, rocks, scrub, sand dunes, sea and bird life incl dolphins, eagles & goanna. (Note: no drinking water, no toilets, no showers, no beach patrol) Nearest shops 5km, Anna Bay - IGA Food Store, Newsagent, Pub, Restaurants, Take Away Food, Butcher, Petrol - Warren L

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